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Back Pain Testimonials

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“After having trouble with my back for a number of years I feel that at last I am on the right track for being free from pain. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone with back trouble to make an appointment to see about having treatment here.” J.G.
” I tried Chiropractic 2 years ago after having 4 acute episodes which meant time off work. I was really stiff and always had some pain which stopped me doing normal things. It has worked wonders! I now come every 6 weeks to keep my back in shape and hardly have problems in between!” D.E.
“I fell awkwardly some years ago and have suffered occasional back pain. This worsened with real bad lower back pains. I have attended 2 other practices and found temporary relief but now I have much longer periods pain free and strength is building up again in the weak spots. I have recommended the practice to several friends. Many thanks for giving me some vital energy back-I wondered where it had gone!” R.L.
“Had excruciating back pain on and off for 4 to 5 years. After a really bad time I came to see Wendy and within days made me feel better. As the weeks have passed now have no more bad pain. I am now able to play and pick up my grand-daughter without thinking my back will go. I feel more energetic now. All thanks to Wendy’s good work” P.S.
“I cant thank Alicia and the team here enough. As an active person my back pain was having a significant impact on the quality of my life. As a result of their work I’m now back to normal, and owe the people here a big debt of gratitude. Thanks.” D.M.
“Wendy’s great, very friendly service. Since coming to Bury Chiropractic I have felt a lot better in my spine. I suffered back pain for more than 5 years and tried everything. I think I have found a solution. I would recommend anyone to it. ” N.T.
” Back used to ache most days. Doesn’t now. Keep up your appointments and keep to the treatments. Excellent service.” A.G
“I’ve had serious lower back pain for about 15years. Since seeing Alicia my lower back pain is virtually gone and I am now down to six month maintenance checks which is great as I have peace of mind. I would and do recommend Bury Chiropractic to everyone I know with back pain!”
“Having suffered from lower back pain due to a very active stint in the marines I really suffered with being immobilised for periods of time. Having found the right Chiropractor I now find that a prompt visit when problems occur almost certainly sorts the problem out quite quickly.” J.M.
“Having had continual back pain for a couple of years I am now virtually pain free. Alicia’s professional expertise is to be recommended along with her friendly personality.” S.S.
“I cannot recommend the practice enough! Having originally come in with a back problem, which by Doctor treated by giving stronger painkillers, I am now pain free due to this treatment. Give it a go” D.K
“I first came to the Chiropractor for problems with my back. Since visiting Wendy my back pain has reduced significantly. Although I think I will always have the problem due to the nature of my work, it definitely helps with the pain and keeps me working” F.M.