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Back Pain Testimonials

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“I have suffered with general back pain for 16 years- Wendy and Alicia have helped me greatly in releasing tensions and problem areas being gradually improved with each session I attend. My advice would be to recommend Wendy and Alicia to anyone suffering with back/neck problems-but to come before the problem gets too severe and not wait years before feeling the benefits as I did” J.G.
“I was suffering a great deal of back pain at work. Within weeks of coming here it was so much better and I continue to come as I can tell when I am due an appointment. I find it a great help and the staff are all very friendly and I would fully recommend to anyone.” L.S.
“Daily I suffered with pains and lower back stiffness, following a few treatments with Wendy both pains became few and far between. Thanks to Wendy’s expertise, would and have recommended to several people.” A.F.
“Having had a bad back on and off for years I decided to give Chiropractic a go. Now I feel so much better, able to pick my grand-daughter up with ease and go shopping for more than one hour! feel less like an old lady and now a spring chicken!” E.S.
” I had suffered with back trouble for years and tried numerous physio’s and osteopaths without long term results. The first time I came to Bury Chiropractic I could hardly walk, but after a few treatments I was back to work (as a builder). I have continued maintenance treatments since and have had excellent results. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone with back trouble.” G.C
” I came to see Alicia after being unable to get out of bed one morning due to severe upper back pain. After one session I could feel a great difference. I would be in a sorry state without my regular appointments!” C.D
” After suffering with a bad back somebody recommended I come and pay a visit. What a difference. I feel ten years younger.” J.E
” I have suffered with back problems all my life, this is the first time in over 30 years that I have been free of constant pain. I would and have recommended this practice to anyone who finds themselves in my situation.” L.M
” Before: With 3 small children to look after I was desperate to find a solution to a trapped nerve in my lower back. I was dismissed from my local A+E with ‘painkillers’ that made me feel spaced out and vomit. read more»
I was unable to stand upright and care for myself as the pain was so bad. After: Following my visit to see Alicia I had an immediate xray to diagnose the actual problem and with treatment that day I was able to stand upright, drive and move around with more comfort. With regular treatments and chiropractic advice and lifestyle changes I have been able to manage my back problems and be relatively pain free for 7 months. I have not needed to take painkillers in all this time and have a better understanding of back care. Thanks Alicia” K.M
” I have been a patient of Alicia’s since she first came here and my back is now much better than it was. I have always been able to get treatment straight away if I have had any problems. Alicia is very good at her job and everyone here is very friendly.” J.H
” My back has made a gradual improvement over a number of months and I am now able to resume exercise and normal duties without relying on a lot of painkillers. Thank you.” H.Q
” I was waking every day with what you might describe as a glass back. I found it very hard to get going every day. Since coming to Wendy I awake with no pain and find it much easier to get on.” S.R