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Back Pain Testimonials

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” I have 2 collapsed discs in my back and thought my only option was surgery. After visiting Bury Chiropractic now for several months my pain has been dramatically reduced and the level of service is second to none. I would no problem recommending your service!!” C.M
” Before I came here I was in constant pain and now thanks to Wendy my back is a lot better and I can now attempt things I would never of dreamed of. I am really grateful and everyone here is lovely and very accommodating of me needing to come with a baby.” A.B
” Since coming I have been pain free from my back. Alicia is always very friendly and always has a smile. I will keep coming, used to come once a week now getting better only come once every nine weeks now.” J.B
My back problems are much improved since visiting Alicia. Very nice and friendly staff!” I.G
” I injured my back at work and was suffering from severe back pain. I visited my GP who prescribed pain relief and said he may refer me to see a Chiropractor in a few weeks if the problem did not improve. However, read more»
I was still in constant agony and still not fit to return to work after 3 weeks. A relative, who suffered similarly with his back in the past, recommended that I attend this practice, saying that the treatment was very effective. When I came here to start my course of treatment I was unsure of what to expect. I attended initially on a weekly basis and also followed the advice given to aid a speedy recovery. Within a few weeks my pain greatly reduced and thankfully disappeared. At present I am attending on a monthly basis for treatment, I still follow the advice and will hopefully avoid a re-occurrence in the future. I would highly recommend the treatment I have received and would not hesitate to pass the contact details to other fellow sufferers.”Anon
” I was referred here by my G.P, who after several attempts with pain relief failed to cure my back pain. Wendy has worked wonders with her healing hands I feel much better and pain free!!” G.G
“Before: My back was very stiff and causing me a lot of problems at work. After: My back problems have eased considerably, not as stiff and now allows me greater freedom to get on with my work.” D.S
“Prior to visiting the clinic I suffered lower back pain and aching of the legs. My condition progressively deteriorated before seeing Wendy. After a course of pain free treatment and core stability exercises my condition has vastly improved and I am able to continue my everyday life pain free.” N.J.M
“Back ached most days but after treatment I now go 6 to 7 weeks without pain.” D.S
” I was having a lot of low back problems due to an accident. I have found Chiropractic treatment has helped no end. Have had treatment with other problems that have occurred since.” H.H
“At the start of my treatment I was full of aches and pains. I had a very painful back and shoulders. After the first treatment all of my conditions improved markedly. I now come for regular treatment to ensure my bad back never deteriorates.” H.A
” Before I came I had lower back pain, but after treatment I could feel how much better I felt. Very pleased with the difference in me.” J.J
” The treatment I have received has been first class. My back problems have improved vastly over the last 10 months. Very friendly people”

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