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Back Pain Testimonials

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“When I first visited I was very down about the back pain I was suffering to the point where I was really tearful. Alicia made me feel that it was ok to cry and it didn’t feel silly. After 4 months of treatment I am better than ever.” J.B.
“After suffering months of sciatic pain and numerous appointments with a physio I took the recommended advice of a friend and after many consultations with Wendy and doing daily exercises I am now pain free.” G.B.
“When I came to Alicia I was in absolute agony with a trapped nerve in my back which stemmed from an old more»
The pain was terrible, but after a week or two of seeing Alicia it was so much better and the exercises she gave me to do have made such a difference, all my muscles are a lot stronger now. I was due to go on holiday to South Africa on holiday and I didn’t think I would be able to go, but thank to Alicia I had a wonderful holiday and have never looked back” J.G.


“I would just like to say how much better I feel for having treatment with Alicia. I have suffered for many years and had pain every day, being fobbed off by various general practitioners giving me medication for soft tissue damage, osteo arthritis and hypermoblie joints has not helped. I’ve had no x-rays from them despite my obvious agony. read more»
It was such a relief when I was given x-rays and though obviously you don’t want anything to be seriously wrong it was good to know that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and they did indeed find out what was causing my pain, I could’ve cried. I now for the first time in as long as I can remember have pain free days, I’ve even gone two to three weeks recently without much pain. It’s great to know what is wrong with me and I’ve now learned to know when my back has locked again and I can ring up and get an appointment. I can now go longer before I need treatment and the exercises I’ve been given have helped. I’d like to thank Alicia especially for explaining how everything works and for the ongoing care she gives me. I have and would highly recommend your service to other people.” T.J.
“I had back problems for years even after an operation. Now I am wonderful (nearly!) the treatment is keeping me out of pain I recommend it to everyone.” A.R.
“I came to see Wendy after hurting my back playing basketball. I had tried to see if it would go away with rest, but that was not the case. The first session, Wendy explained what was going to happen and approximately how long it would take to get better, which put my mind at rest and after a couple of weeks I had started to notice a steady improvement in my back pain.” M.T.
“Before I came I was in a lot of pain with my back and I found it hard to stand all day at work, since my treatment I feel like it is improving.” M.J.
“Before coming for treatment I had severe discomfort in my lower back following an operation. This caused problems with my posture. I am now able to stand taller and walk more freely.” A.H.
“Since injuring my back in a gym many years ago I have had sporadic treatment but have always had some level of back pain. After a sustained period of treatment at Bury Chiropractic my movement is a lot freer, though I am aware of the need to continue occasional treatments to maintain my back and prevent a relapse.” J.W.
“I discovered Chiropractic in 1983 when experiencing severe back pain. I transferred to Bury Chiropractic when moving to the area and attend approximately every three months for maintenance. The treatment I receive allows me to continue a normal, active life which would be otherwise denied. I am a strong advocate of Chiropractic and recommend the Bury centre to friends and colleagues who I feel will benefit.” P.O
“I suffered a bad accident which resulted in a broken vertebrae. I cannot believe the improvement in both mobility and pain in the back area. Nearly five months later I am virtually pain free in my back. I also had to have a radial head implant in my elbow which has resulted in a complete lack of rotation. Again, Chiropractic has succeeded where others failed.” A.B.
“After suffering from an aching back for ages I decided to try Bury Chiropractic. The relief was almost instant and I soon got back to playing golf and the gym. I used to think the only solution for me would be surgery- now I know differently! The visits to Bury Chiropractic are a real tonic!” A.W.

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