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Did You Know An Interesting Fun Fact About Pumpkins?

The exciting moment for pumpkin carving is soon approaching! Have you started refining your pumpkin carving skill? Have you planned what you are going to carve on your pumpkin this year? And do you know one interesting fun fact about pumpkins? Well, we do! And today we are going to share that with you!

“The weight of an average sized pumpkin is 10-12 pounds, which is the same as the average human head!”

Now you may be wondering how can your neck support something this heavy?

pumpkins-facts-01Here is the important part, when your neck is in the neutral position, we don’t notice the weight of the head as your neck bones and shoulder muscles distribute the weight of your head evenly throughout the body. However, for every inch your head moves forward it increase the weight of your head by a pound, meaning that your neck will need to support an extra 2-3 pounds of pumpkin! Not only does this have an effect on your neck and shoulders, but also to your nervous system.

Vertebrae protect the spinal cord but if any vertebrae move out of alignment it can interfere with the function of nervous system resulting in pain. This is often why a person who has neck or shoulder problems – as a result from repetitive physical or mental stress – may also develop numbness and tingling into the arms, hands and fingers and they may also go on to develop headaches.

pumpkins-facts-02Does this sound familiar to you? Or does this sound like anyone you might know?

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