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Hip Pain Testimonials

“Before I came to see Wendy, I had terrible back pain and bad hips. After the first couple of visits my back was much improved and with my hips-I don’t have to take painkillers anymore. Would recommend Wendy to everybody.” Thanks Wendy.” J.D.
“I have been seeing Wendy for six months and am no longer experiencing pain from stiff hips. I can walk in comfort. Thank you Wendy.” A.H
” Chiropractic care helps me to manage my hip problems. When I came to Bury Chiropractic I had one leg longer than the other and a lot of back pain because of a severe limp. Now my body is in balance and my limp is much reduced.” G.G


” I suffer with lower back problems which affect my left knee and hip areas. Other bits of my back also need occasional attention. Treatments help to alleviate pain and free up movement. Tackling stairs is no longer painful and walking is easier. I know that my back problems will recur (I’m always over stretching myself) but I know where to come for help.” G.J