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Leg Pain Testimonials

” I came on a recommendation of neighbour, as I had leg and foot pain. After an x-ray Wendy quickly found what was wrongread more»
and started me on a programme of adjustment and exercise. I am now much better and I’m down to monthly visits. Thanks Wendy!” I.P
” I came to Wendy with severe pain down my left leg. In addition have suffered with back pain for many years dueread more»
to wear and tear. With regular visits my pain is almost non-existent and controllable. Wendy and the staff are all very nice and it is a pleasure to visit. I would recommend the practice to anyone in the same situation and pain I was in. ” J.H.


” I came with leg symptoms and now after seven weeks of treatment I am feeling and walking so much better.” B.D.
“Had left leg symptoms and problems walking . Now a lot better, able to walk 9 miles a day.” B.P.
” When I first visited Alicia I suffered with lower back pain, and pain in my legs. I couldn’t stand up straight. After a few visits I was much better. I would strongly recommend the practice.” A.T
“When I first visited the Practice in June 2007 I was in a great deal of pain in my lower back and left leg. I walked with difficulty and with both a bad limp and with my body stooped over. I had six treatments over a two week period in order that I could go on holiday. Which I did. Continued treatments have meant I am now without any pain and can now walk, run etc. I can only praise the practice most highly for their treatment. I genuinely recommend them to anyone in similar circumstances.” B.R
” When I first came in I couldn’t walk. I had severe pain in my lower back and left leg. I hadn’t slept for 4 days. I was a wreck. I was on painkillers every 3 hours day and night. I walked three steps and had to stop for a minute or so. Now I am back at work coaching football and my way of life is fantastic I have got my life back. Alicia has been my rock with out her I wouldn’t of been able to do anything. Thanks to her and her staff. A.B only 38 years old but feel 21 again.” A.B
” Thanks to Wendy’s care of my back and ankles over the past couple of years I have been able to continue playing badminton and have not had any sick days off. The care and attention and holistic approach has meant that any warning signs are caught early and remedies put in place, and all done with a cheery smile and professional approach” A.S
“Ever since I began receiving treatment here I have been raving about Chiropractic to everyone I know! The staff here are professional, friendly and efficient and put patients at ease with any worries or questions they have. read more»
I originally came with some leg pain after a fall and Wendy explained I had a lower back and neck problem, which had been there for a few years. Even after 5 treatments, I’ve noticed lots of improvements in the way I can move, my strength, my skin and I feel more alert than I have done in years! Just imagine what I’ll feel like when I’m starting exercise! Even if you aren’t sure, go and have a consultation-you’ll be pleased you did!” A.G.
” Before seeing a Chiropractor I felt frustrated and desperate for my back pain to be resolved. Since seeing Wendy at the Bury Chiropractic Centre I no longer have back/leg pains and feel fitter than I did before hand.” D.C
“Prior to visiting the clinic I suffered lower back pain and aching of the legs. My condition progressively deteriorated before seeing Wendy. After a course of pain free treatment and core stability exercises my condition has vastly improved and I am able to continue my everyday life pain free.” N.J.M