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Miscellaneous Testimonials

” After suffering from back pain for several months I was fed up and miserable! Came in and saw Alicia and very soon felt much better. Combination of adjustments and exercises really improved my problems. Can now get a full nights sleep without pain! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bury Chiropractic.” I.B
“Before I came to a Chiropractor several years ago, I was in agony with a trapped nerve. I wasn’t sleeping, my neck was seized up, it took a long time to ease it- that was because I had never heard of a Chiropractor. I wish I had gone to one sooner-they are brilliant-in fact I cannot thank them enough.” E.D.


“To anyone who is suffering extreme pain I highly recommend Wendy’s skill in helping to remove pain. I couldn’t sleep or drive the car, even shave due to the pain. After the first six visits it started to abate a further six sessions it was almost completely gone. ” T.M.
” When I first came in I couldn’t walk. I had severe pain in my lower back and left leg. I hadn’t slept for 4 days. I was a wreck. I was on painkillers every 3 hours day and night. I walked three steps and had to stop for a minute or so. Now I am back at work coaching football and my way of life is fantastic I have got my life back. Alicia has been my rock with out her I wouldn’t of been able to do anything. Thanks to her and her staff. A.B only 38 years old but feel 21 again.” A.B
” Thank you. After years of pain my life has changed. 1. sleeping at night, 2. no painkillers, 3. freedom of movement. Freedom from pain has given me a new view of life.” M.S
” Dear Bury Chiro ( Alicia). I have suffered with back pains for a number of years due to driving for 2-3 hours per day. In November 07 I was involved in an accident. I was advised by a friend to visit Bury Chiro and since my visit I have felt like I have had a new lease of life. Driving, sleeping and exercises are no longer interrupted by bad back. Thanks.” D.A