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Neck Pain Testimonials

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” I have suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain for over 20 years. I have had a neck brace, tablets and Physiotherapy. Earlier this year my G.P suggested Chiropractic and I am amazed by the improvement. I now have far less pain and more energy! I am pleased to recommend Alicia and Wendy.” S.B
” Before any treatment, I was very stiff and did not have much movement in my neck. Now I have full movement in my neck.” J.J
” Life would be much more difficult without my regular appointments. I have both back and neck pain which ease considerably after a session. Not to mention less stiffness and restriction of movement. All thanks to Alicia.” K.R
“I had been suffering neck and back pain for several years. After several sessions the pain has now gone and life (and my golf) is much happier.” P.C.
” Before I came here I had had problems with my neck. I feel much better now” K.R

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