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The views expressed do not represent the opinions of the practice and as such we make no claims to treat any of the mentioned conditions/symptoms

What Our Patients Say

As we have been established in Bury for over 10 years we are able to provide many patient testimonials. We have included a few below. These handwritten testimonials can all be viewed at the practice. Please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Alicia Leontieff D.C. & Wendy Davis D.C.

“I love attending my appointments! Everyone is great, respectful and helpful.” N.A.

“At my first appointment I felt relaxed and comfortable with the way I was welcomed, and at ease with the surroundings. The team members who welcomed me were very friendly, and my consultation with George was professional and friendly.” K.P.

“Excellent staff, efficient. Helpful. Feel confident that I’m in safe hands. Thank you.” M.D.

“I would just like to say how much better I feel for having treatment with Alicia. I have suffered for many years and had pain every day, being fobbed off by various general practitioners giving me medication for soft tissue damage, osteo arthritis and hypermoblie joints has not helped. I’ve had no x-rays from them despite my obvious agony. It was such a relief when I was given x-rays and though obviously you don’t want anything to be seriously wrong it was good to know that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and they did indeed find out what was causing my pain, I could’ve cried. I now for the first time in as long as I can remember have pain free days, I’ve even gone two to three weeks recently without much pain. It’s great to know what is wrong with me and I’ve now learned to know when my back has locked again and I can ring up and get an appointment. I can now go longer before I need treatment and the exercises I’ve been given have helped. I’d like to thank Alicia especially for explaining how everything works and for the ongoing care she gives me. I have and would highly recommend your service to other people.” T.J.

“Looking forward to hearing what treatment that I will need to make me feel better. I am confident that George and your team will help me with a problem that I have had for 30 years. I did think the advice I got was given in a professional manner.”W.W.

“It is a really relaxed environment, family friendly and all are more then happy to have my little girl crawling around during the appointments.” A.B.

“Friendly yet professional, open and honest.” M.G.

“Alicia & Wendy’s expertise, coupled with great kindness, enable me to stay as pain free as possible! Without their help I would certainly be unable to do many of the things I used to take for granted, but which now cause problems. I am deeply grateful for everything they do!” A.S.

“I brought my 4 month old boy in for treatment. He was more settled after the first treatment and has got better and better. Alicia gave me and my son our lives back!” -E.M.

“Having had nothing but painkillers it has been fantastic to get some treatment that cures the cause and not just the symptom. I’m now pain free-great!” T.W.

“Friendly organised staff, natural, relaxed appointments with chiropractor Alicia and very professional treatment. Troubles cured and attend irregular visits to keep on top, would truly recommend.” V.C.

“When I first visited I was very down about the back pain I was suffering to the point where I was really tearful. Alicia made me feel that it was ok to cry and it didn’t feel silly. After 4 months of treatment I am better than ever.” J.B.

“After suffering months of sciatic pain and numerous appointments with a physio I took the recommended advice of a friend and after many consultations with Wendy and doing daily exercises I am now pain free.” G.B.

“Ever since I began receiving treatment here I have been raving about Chiropractic to everyone I know! The staff here are professional, friendly and efficient and put patients at ease with any worries or questions they have. I originally came with some leg pain after a fall and Wendy explained I had a lower back and neck problem, which had been there for a few years. Even after 5 treatments, I’ve noticed lots of improvements in the way I can move, my strength, my skin and I feel more alert than I have done in years! Just imagine what I’ll feel like when I’m starting exercise! Even if you aren’t sure, go and have a consultation-you’ll be pleased you did!” A.G.

“Before having treatment I experienced pain and discomfort in the left side of my neck and lower back. I also experienced a lot of headaches.I have attended regular treatments and felt much better. My headaches have reduced dramatically in frequency.” H.P.

“Prior to attending Bury Chiropractic I was constantly in pain. The treatments given by Wendy and Alicia have been wonderful. I am now fully mobile and the pain levels have subsided by 95%. Thanks to everyone.” F.H.

“I’ve been suffering from neck problems for 10 years. I tried everything but nothing worked until one day I called BCC and asked for an appointment. Believe me, on my first session I already felt a big relief, for the first time I was able to sleep well. I highly recommend BCC! So please I encourage all those who are suffering to call BCC and book an appointment.” A.

“Since attending a Chiropractor I find my posture has been corrected and feel generally much healthier.” A.T.

“Regular treatments have proven a real benefit to me. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. Always feel so much better after a visit to Wendy.” K.H.

“Wendy’s shown real concern for my problem and thanks to her expert help I now feel on the way to recovery.” S.S.

“When I came to Alicia I was in absolute agony with a trapped nerve in my back which stemmed from an old injury. The pain was terrible, but after a week or two of seeing Alicia it was so much better and the exercises she gave me to do have made such a difference, all my muscles are a lot stronger now. I was due to go on holiday to South Africa on holiday and I didn’t think I would be able to go, but thank to Alicia I had a wonderful holiday and have never looked back” J.G.

“Arrived as a cynic, left totally converted.  I was persuaded to visit this practice. Several visits have now eliminated the pain and my problems are now effectively managed. In my opinion a great team.” P.S.

“Regular treatments have proven to be very effective. Staff show genuine concern for patients. Much appreciated.” B.P.

“After suffering from an aching back for ages I decided to try Bury Chiropractic. The relief was almost instant and I soon got back to playing golf and the gym. I used to think the only solution for me would be surgery- now I know differently! The visits to Bury Chiropractic are a real tonic!” A.W.

“This is a practice whose staff are friendly, helpful and professional. My treatments are far from over (arthritic spine, hip surgery etc) but I am certain that without it I should be in a far worse state than that which I presently enjoy.” R.W.

“I came to see Wendy after hurting my back playing basketball. I had tried to see if it would go away with rest, but that was not the case. The first session, Wendy explained what was going to happen and approximately how long it would take to get better, which put my mind at rest and after a couple of weeks I had started to notice a steady improvement in my back pain.” M.T.

“I had back problems for years even after an operation. Now I am wonderful (nearly!) the treatment is keeping me out of pain I recommend it to everyone.” A.R.

“I had an accident 3 years ago- I had problems with my shoulder, back, arm, wrist. Came here-saw Alicia-she was fantastic. Sort out my shoulder, back, arm, still have few pains now and again. But I am still coming to see her but not as much. If I didn’t see her I would still be struggling with the pain.” J.R.

“I had trouble walking, could walk no more than 100 yards as was in excruciating pain, after one session the pain largely went and now after 8 months I am virtually symptom free. Absolutely fantastic. I intend carrying on to maintain the improvement.” C.R.

“Wendy my saviour-keeps me mobile and flexible- enabling me to get on with my life!” L.A.

“Before I came to a Chiropractor several years ago, I was in agony with a trapped nerve. I wasn’t sleeping, my neck was seized up, it took a long time to ease it- that was because I had never heard of a Chiropractor. I wish I had gone to one sooner-they are brilliant-in fact I cannot thank them enough.” E.D.

“Before I came I was in a lot of pain with my back and I found it hard to stand all day at work, since my treatment I feel like it is improving.” M.J.

“I’ve known Alicia for a long time and felt it was only right that I came here for treatment. I’d wake up in a morning struggling sometimes even to move, but with the treatment I have been receiving from Alicia, my pains have eased immensely.” J.S.

“I was in a lot of pain and discomfort when I first started coming here. I now feel so much better and feel the treatment I received was crucial in getting me back to work and normality. The staff are all friendly and helpful and never refuse to fit you in for appointments. I would recommend this practice to all my friends and family.” Y.N.

“Seeing a Chiropractor has changed my life. Previously I was in pain most of the time and my quality of life was restricted. Now I know that there is hope for a future without pain.” J.H.

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“When I first came to see Wendy I was disheartened with my condition and the conventional treatment I had already received. The treatment is excellent and I am improving with every visit.” J.T.

“Before coming for treatment I had severe discomfort in my lower back following an operation. This caused problems with my posture. I am now able to stand taller and walk more freely.” A.H.

“Since injuring my back in a gym many years ago I have had sporadic treatment but have always had some level of back pain. After a sustained period of treatment at Bury Chiropractic my movement is a lot freer, though I am aware of the need to continue occasional treatments to maintain my back and prevent a relapse.” J.W.

“Before I came to see Wendy I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk but after a while Wendy has sorted me out. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to anyone.” M.B.

“I first came to the practice with just back pain but Wendy found all the other niggles too-and solved them all! I’ve never felt so healthy! Highly recommended!” F.R.

“I discovered Chiropractic in 1983 when experiencing severe back pain. I transferred to Bury Chiropractic when moving to the area and attend approximately every three months for maintenance. The treatment I receive allows me to continue a normal, active life which would be otherwise denied. I am a strong advocate of Chiropractic and recommend the Bury centre to friends and colleagues who I feel will benefit.” P.O.

“Pleased with my treatment and all are helpful and very friendly. Also a nice atmosphere.” S.C.

“After having trouble with my back for a number of years I feel that at last I am on the right track for being free from pain. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone with back trouble to make an appointment to see about having treatment here.” J.G.

” I tried Chiropractic 2 years ago after having 4 acute episodes which meant time off work. I was really stiff and always had some pain which stopped me doing normal things. It has worked wonders! I now come every 6 weeks to keep my back in shape and hardly have problems in between!” D.E.

“I am a lady aged 71 years. I fell down the stairs hurting my knee very badly and after months of limping around I had treatment from Wendy and Alicia. Today I am 100% better able to do my own shopping and housework etc. I would like them both to know how grateful I am. Thank you so much.” R.M.

“I suffered a bad accident which resulted in a broken vertebrae. I cannot believe the improvement in both mobility and pain in the back area. Nearly five months later I am virtually pain free in my back. I also had to have a radial head implant in my elbow which has resulted in a complete lack of rotation. Again, Chiropractic has succeeded where others failed.” A.B.

“When I first started my treatment I could barely walk and was hunched over, after my first course of treatment I was walking again. I have never felt better and my treatment is ongoing and I feel better every single time. It’s just a pity the NHS won’t pay for this treatment.” L.M.

“I fell awkwardly some years ago and have suffered occasional back pain. This worsened with real bad lower back pains. I have attended 2 other practices and found temporary relief but now I have much longer periods pain free and strength is building up again in the weak spots. I have recommended the practice to several friends. Many thanks for giving me some vital energy back-I wondered where it had gone!” R.L.

“Had excruciating back pain on and off for 4 to 5 years. After a really bad time I came to see Wendy and within days made me feel better. As the weeks have passed now have no more bad pain. I am now able to play and pick up my grand-daughter without thinking my back will go. I feel more energetic now. All thanks to Wendy’s good work” P.S.

“Alicia I can honestly say- ‘where have you been all my life?’ I can walk and sleep 100% better thanks to the magic you do on my visits, only trouble is I cant get out of the housework now I would and do recommend you to everyone I meet” K.R.

” I had a neck injury in the RAF in the 50’s but didn’t start to have trouble until I was 60. Headaches caused by shoulder and back problems have been considerably eased by regular visits to the Chiropractor. Alicia is friendly and very thorough.” I.S.

“Before I came to see Wendy, I had terrible back pain and bad hips. After the first couple of visits my back was much improved and with my hips-I don’t have to take painkillers anymore. Would recommend Wendy to everybody.” Thanks Wendy.” J.D.

“I cant thank Alicia and the team here enough. As an active person my back pain was having a significant impact on the quality of my life. As a result of their work I’m now back to normal, and owe the people here a big debt of gratitude. Thanks.” D.M.

“I feel so very much better after receiving treatment it’s been very painful before this so thank you for that.” C.C.

“Having been a patient of the practice for a number of years I very much appreciate the standard of care and professionalism. After a significant back issue-no longer troubling me, the maintenance visits have clearly improved my weak posture and function. Many thanks. ” M.W.

” Came to see Wendy barely able to walk, lots of pain. Wonderful atmosphere,warm reception and first class treatment, coupled with very good advice on diet, posture etc. Thoroughly recommend Chiropractic treatment. ” F.S.

“Wendy’s great, very friendly service. Since coming to Bury Chiropractic I have felt a lot better in my spine. I suffered back pain for more than 5 years and tried everything. I think I have found a solution. I would recommend anyone to it. ” N.T.

” Back used to ache most days. Doesn’t now. Keep up your appointments and keep to the treatments. Excellent service.” A.G.

” I came to Wendy with severe pain down my left leg. In addition have suffered with back pain for many years due to wear and tear. With regular visits my pain is almost non-existent and controllable. Wendy and the staff are all very nice and it is a pleasure to visit. I would recommend the practice to anyone in the same situation and pain I was in. ” J.H.

“To anyone who is suffering extreme pain I highly recommend Wendy’s skill in helping to remove pain. I couldn’t sleep or drive the car, even shave due to the pain. After the first six visits it started to abate a further six sessions it was almost completely gone. ” T.M.

“I’ve had serious lower back pain for about 15years. Since seeing Alicia my lower back pain is virtually gone and I am now down to six month maintenance checks which is great as I have peace of mind. I would and do recommend Bury Chiropractic to everyone I know with back pain!” J.B.

” I came with leg symptoms and now after seven weeks of treatment I am feeling and walking so much better.” B.D.

“Having suffered from lower back pain due to a very active stint in the marines I really suffered with being immobilised for periods of time. Having found the right Chiropractor I now find that a prompt visit when problems occur almost certainly sorts the problem out quite quickly.” J.M.

“Had left leg symptoms and problems walking . Now a lot better, able to walk 9 miles a day.” B.P.

“My husband first came to the Chiropractor and when I saw the difference it made to him, it made me see if they could do anything for me. I have only been coming for a few weeks and already i can feel the difference in my neck and shoulders and the top of my legs. I only wish I had done it years ago instead of putting up with the pain.” J.M.

“Having had continual back pain for a couple of years I am now virtually pain free. Alicia’s professional expertise is to be recommended along with her friendly personality.” S.S.

“I am very pleased with the results of my visits to the practice. I do not suffer anywhere near as much pain which I have had for over 10 years. The visits are always productive and well worth the cost. My standard of life and health has improved. Thank you.” N.M.

” I was convinced I would have to put up with the pains in my back, neck and shoulders for the rest of my life. Alicia has given me new hope. I feel so much better and look forward to a more active retirement. I would have turned to Chiropractic treatment sooner if I had known the benefits.” E.S.

“Thanks to Wendy I am now longer have constant headaches and terrible neck pain and back pain which I have suffered with for years. I will recommend Bury Chiropractic to my friends for their great care.” K.K.

“I cannot recommend the practice enough! Having originally come in with a back problem, which by Doctor treated by giving stronger painkillers, I am now pain free due to this treatment. Give it a go!” D.K.

“I came to the practice in March 2009. Wendy has been really helpful. I am very grateful to her and I would recommend to everyone.” R.K.

“I first came to the Chiropractor for problems with my back. Since visiting Wendy my back pain has reduced significantly. Although I think I will always have the problem due to the nature of my work, it definitely helps with the pain and keeps me working” F.M.

“I came after a bout of back pain had stopped me doing all my normal activities (recommended by a friend). I was impressed by the friendly and helpful systems. The first treatment improved the situation considerably and a combination of exercises and treatment soon restored me to normal. I now attend for maintenance sessions which I hope will prevent re-occurrence. Several other minor problems have also been restored (clicky jaw). It has been possible to regain more flexibility than prior to the problem with my back.” J.P.

” I have had a lot of pain in my neck for many years. No other treatment had got rid of my discomfort until I visited Alicia. I have gone 3 months without treatment and without pain. Been visiting for the last 12 months.” S.E.

” I couldn’t move my neck up, down, left, right.Turning over in bed involved  17 point turn and grabbing hold of the mattress. Now I am virtually pain free and have greater mobility. Wendy has treated parts I didn’t know were malfunctioning and as a result I don’t hunch when walking. Professional, friendly and it works.”  V.T.

“I have suffered with general back pain for 16 years- Wendy and Alicia have helped me greatly in releasing tensions and problem areas being gradually improved with each session I attend. My advice would be to recommend Wendy and Alicia to anyone suffering with back/neck problems-but to come before the problem gets too severe and not wait years before feeling the benefits as I did” J.G.

“Before coming to see Alicia I was constantly suffering for back and neck pain. I had tried other treatments but nothing seemed to improve much. I now feel much better with the treatments I have received from Alicia, my back and neck have really strengthened up and improved which is fantastic. I would definitely recommend seeing Alicia to anyone-all the staff are very friendly, very helpful.” H.S.

“Been coming for treatment for some time, I had a bad back and neck. Feel so much better now and my regular top up keeps me feeling good. Thanks for everything.” P.R.

“I was suffering a great deal of back pain at work. Within weeks of coming here it was so much better and I continue to come as I can tell when I am due an appointment. I find it a great help and the staff are all very friendly and I would fully recommend to anyone.” L.S.

“Daily I suffered with pains and lower back stiffness, following a few treatments with Wendy both pains became few and far between. Thanks to Wendy’s expertise, would and have recommended to several people.” A.F.

“Having had a bad back on and off for years I decided to give Chiropractic a go. Now I feel so much better, able to pick my grand-daughter up with ease and go shopping for more than one hour! feel less like an old lady and now a spring chicken!” E.S.

“Before I came to see Wendy I was forever having problems with my neck. Since coming to Wendy my neck has improved immensely and I no longer have any neck pain.” S.E.

“I have a bunion which interferes with my weight bearing and causes back and neck pain. The treatment loosens the knots and improves posture to the extent that at 60 I am still able to ski.” M.R.

“I had been suffering neck and back pain for several years.  After several sessions the pain has now gone and life (and my golf) is much happier.” P.C.

“The first time I came I was in so much pain with a curvy shape. I found doing anything was uncomfortable. I’ve been coming for three months now and I feel amazing. No pain and a straight back, it’s great, all thanks to Alicia! Thank you so much!” R.B.

“I have been seeing Wendy for six months and am no longer experiencing pain from stiff hips. I can walk in comfort. Thank you Wendy.” A.H.

“I am 30 years old and before I came to see Wendy I struggled to go about normal day to day activities. 6 months later I can do all the normal things and more besides. I will definitely continue with regular check up. I’ve never felt better.” T.P

“The pain I was in before I started treatment was unbearable. Just standing was agony. 4 weeks on and I now have my life back. No pain and a total feeling of well being all down to my treatment. Thank you.” S.M

“I suffered from pain in my neck and back. After a couple of visits with Wendy I started to notice a difference and was very impressed how she was able to find exactly where my problem areas were, and provide immediate relief with a few twists and clicks. Due to my injuries I have had very long and intense treatment sessions and really feel like a different person. I am no longer in pain, I feel like I walk straighter and taller. I have also learned to listen to my body and this is all because of Wendy guiding and explaining everything to me. Thank you very much.” E.V

” When I first visited Alicia I suffered with lower back pain, and pain in my legs. I couldn’t stand up straight. After a few visits I was much better. I would strongly recommend the practice.” A.T

” I had suffered with back trouble for years and tried numerous physio’s and osteopaths without long term results. The first time I came to Bury Chiropractic I could hardly walk, but after a few treatments I was back to work (as a builder). I have continued maintenance treatments since and have had excellent results. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone with back trouble.” G.C

” I started coming in November. I had told the doctors various times and had been referred to the hospital with no avail. I came to the practice here at Bury Chiro quite concerned about my health and unsure as to what to expect. Alicia was fantastic, very understanding and caring whilst at the same time being the upmost professional. It is now March and Chiro has drastically reduced my symptoms and I have a much better and healthier life. Thank you.” G.O

” Before coming to the practice I had problems with shoulders/ arms/ lower back. After coming for a short while I am now much much better. Can now carry shopping, lift things and much less pain, also back is much improved. Can’t believe the difference it has made to my everyday tasks. Would highly recommend to anyone.” J.B

” Thank you. After years of pain my life has changed. 1. sleeping at night, 2. no painkillers, 3. freedom of movement. Freedom from pain has given me a new view of life.” M.S

” I came to see Alicia after being unable to get out of bed one morning due to severe upper back pain. After one session I could feel a great difference. I would be in a sorry state without my regular appointments!” C.D

” After suffering with a bad back somebody recommended I come and pay a visit. What a difference. I feel ten years younger.” J.E

” Problems started over 30 years ago. Chiropractic has helped a lot both with the basic condition and the general symptoms. I feel generally fitter and more mobile. Apart from being skilled practitioners Alicia and Wendy are reassuring and friendly and the whole clinic atmosphere is very welcoming.” M.H

” Thanks to Alicia, my dentist decided it was not necessary for me to be fitted with a guard to stop me from grinding my teeth. I am now able to function better with daily tasks such as putting my socks on in the morning to carrying shopping. I also feel confident that I will be able to maintain my improved posture.” L.A

” After putting up with a pain in my neck for nearly two years and seeing many types of doctor’s I was amazed at the speed of comfort. I would recommend it always. Total trust.” J.M

” Before seeing a Chiropractor I felt frustrated and desperate for my back pain to be resolved. Since seeing Wendy at the Bury Chiropractic Centre I no longer have back/leg pains and feel fitter than I did before hand.” D.C

” I have suffered with back problems all my life, this is the first time in over 30 years that I have been free of constant pain. I would and have recommended this practice to anyone who finds themselves in my situation.” L.M

” Before: With 3 small children to look after I was desperate to find a solution to a trapped nerve in my lower back. I was dismissed from my local A+E with ‘painkillers’ that made me feel spaced out and vomit. I was unable to stand upright and care for myself as the pain was so bad. After: Following my visit to see Alicia I had an immediate xray to diagnose the actual problem and with treatment that day I was able to stand upright, drive and move around with more comfort. With regular treatments and chiropractic advice and lifestyle changes I have been able to manage my back problems and be relatively pain free for 7 months. I have not needed to take painkillers in all this time and have a better understanding of back care. Thanks Alicia” K.M

” When I first came in I couldn’t walk. I had severe pain in my lower back and left leg. I hadn’t slept for 4 days. I was a wreck. I was on painkillers every 3 hours day and night. I walked three steps and had to stop for a minute or so. Now I am back at work coaching football and my way of life is fantastic I have got my life back. Alicia has been my rock with out her I wouldn’t of been able to do anything. Thanks to her and her staff. A.B only 38 years old but feel 21 again.” A.B

” Very friendly service. I’ve certainly noticed a marked improvement since commencing my treatment. Also very complex issues explained in an easy to understand manner!” T.W.B.T

” Dear Bury Chiro ( Alicia). I have suffered with back pains for a number of years due to driving for 2-3 hours per day. In November 07 I was involved in an accident. I was advised by a friend to visit Bury Chiro and since my visit I have felt like I have had a new lease of life. Driving, sleeping and exercises are no longer interrupted by bad back. Thanks.” D.A

” Very professional service. Like the fact that physiology is explained. Genuine relief of symptoms.” A.C

” Thanks to Wendy’s care of my back and ankles over the past couple of years I have been able to continue playing badminton and have not had any sick days off. The care and attention and holistic approach has meant that any warning signs are caught early and remedies put in place, and all done with a cheery smile and professional approach” A.S

” I have been a patient of Alicia’s since she first came here and my back is now much better than it was. I have always been able to get treatment straight away if I have had any problems. Alicia is very good at her job and everyone here is very friendly.” J.H

” Very friendly efficient service. Diagnosed problem and treated expertly. Still under treatment and will keep coming to keep finely tuned. Excellent.” H.R

” Before I received treatment on a regular basis my back and neck gave me constant discomfort. I do feel the benefit after my treatment from Alicia and pleased to say pain free most of the time.” N.P

” Originally I had severe pain down left side + base of neck. Since having treatment the pain has gone and I feel easier in movement. Any twinges that I feel between visits are soon relieved by the treatment.” R.B

” Before I came I had lower back pain, but after treatment I could feel how much better I felt. Very pleased with the difference in me.” J.J

” The treatment I have received has been first class. My back problems have improved vastly over the last 10 months. Very friendly people and a professional service.” J.L

” Before I came here I had had problems with my neck. I feel much better now” K.R

“Back ached most days but after treatment I now go 6 to 7 weeks without pain.” D.S

” I was having a lot of low back problems due to an accident. I have found Chiropractic treatment has helped no end. Have had treatment with other problems that have occurred since.” H.H

“At the start of my treatment I was full of aches and pains. I had a very painful back and shoulders. After the first treatment all of my conditions improved markedly. I now come for regular treatment to ensure my bad back never deteriorates.” H.A

“Before: My back was very stiff and causing me a lot of problems at work. After: My back problems have eased considerably, not as stiff and now allows me greater freedom to get on with my work.” D.S

“Prior to visiting the clinic I suffered lower back pain and aching of the legs. My condition progressively deteriorated before seeing Wendy. After a course of pain free treatment and core stability exercises my condition has vastly improved and I am able to continue my everyday life pain free.” N.J.M

” Bury Chiropractic has been hugely beneficial for my back condition. I was initially coming to the clinic a couple of times a week but now I come once every 6 weeks.” S.M

” When I first started coming I was in absolute agony and really struggled to walk even stand. I felt extremely grumpy with frustration. I feel now that my life is getting back to normal now thanks to Wendy giving me excellent treatment which is helping more and more after each session.Thank you.” J.E

”  I have found great relief in visiting Alicia.” D.M

” Before any treatment, I was very stiff and did not have much movement in my neck. Now I have full movement in my neck.” J.J

” Life would be much more difficult without my regular appointments. I have both back and neck pain which ease considerably after a session. Not to mention less stiffness and restriction of movement. All thanks to Alicia.” K.R

” Before coming to the Chiropractors I couldn’t walk far, lift and had terrible back pain. The difference is unbelievable. I am now more active and can actually get out of bed in the morning. I have lived for years with this constant pain and cannot describe the way I feel now-only wonderful.” L.C

” Thanks Alicia, you’re making a new woman of me. I walk out of the surgery feeling much straighter than when I arrived. My back and knees are terrific. Thank you.” S.F

” Wendy with her ‘gentle touch’ has kept me mobile decreasing pain and stiffness to enable me to do a little more. What would we do without Chiropractors.” J.S

” After suffering from symptoms for 12 months it’s great to know my visits here have benefits. I feel much better in mind and in body. Nothing else helped me as this.” L.E

” Since coming to BC my headaches are less and my neck injury is much better.” D.R

” I was referred here by my G.P, who after several attempts with pain relief failed to cure my back pain. Wendy has worked wonders with her healing hands I feel much better and pain free!!” G.G

” I had injured my back and neck over 6 years ago. At the end of the day I felt tired, old and depressed. My neck and seized up so I couldn’t turn over my right shoulder. This made driving very difficult. As I drive long distances as a freelance Civil Engineer. I had to get help. I consulted Alicia my Chiropractor. She x-rayed my neck and planned my treatment. I soon had movement in my neck. Pain relief was not instant but I am now feeling much better. Things are improving on a weekly basis and I’m feeling more positive about everything.” C.B

” I feel immediate benefit after treatment.”

“I feel much better when I have seen Alicia. It has been really beneficial coming here. ” T.P.( Aged 12)

Chiropractic has worked for me. I think it’s great.” A.P

” I injured my back at work and was suffering from severe back pain. I visited my GP who prescribed pain relief and said he may refer me to see a Chiropractor in a few weeks if the problem did not improve. However, I was still in constant agony and still not fit to return to work after 3 weeks. A relative, who suffered similarly with his back in the past, recommended that I attend this practice, saying that the treatment was very effective. When I came here to start my course of treatment I was unsure of what to expect. I attended initially on a weekly basis and also followed the advice given to aid a speedy recovery. Within a few weeks my pain greatly reduced and thankfully disappeared. At present I am attending on a monthly basis for treatment, I still follow the advice and will hopefully avoid a re-occurrence in the future. I would highly recommend the treatment I have received and would not hesitate to pass the contact details to other fellow sufferers.”Anon

” I suffer with lower back problems which affect my left knee and hip areas. Other bits of my back also need occasional attention. Treatments help to alleviate pain and free up movement. Tackling stairs is no longer painful and walking is easier. I know that my back problems will recur (I’m always over stretching myself) but I know where to come for help.” G.J

” Since coming I have been pain free from my back. Alicia is always very friendly and always has a smile. I will keep coming, used to come once a week now getting better only come once every nine weeks now.” J.B

My back problems are much improved since visiting Alicia. Very nice and friendly staff!” I.G

” My visits to the Chiropractor over the past few years has removed my limp, straightened my spine and generally improved my health. As I  have arthritis I expect to use the services of a Chiropractor to keep me mobile and fit. I would recommend these services to anyone.” B.W

” I initially attended with lower back strain which was really painful. This was diagnosed and dealt with efficiently and with understanding until it healed and the pain hasn’t returned. I attend for maintenance visits now.” B.B

” After suffering from back pain for several months I was fed up and miserable! Came in and saw Alicia and very soon felt much better. Combination of adjustments and exercises really improved my problems. Can now get a full nights sleep without pain! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bury Chiropractic.” I.B

” I had suffered recurrent pain in my neck and right shoulder for about 2 years before having Chiropractic treatment. I now have maintenance sessions every few months and the difference is fantastic. I hardly have any pain and if it does flair up a visit here usually sorts it out. Chiropractic has given me my life back!” C.G

” I came on a recommendation of  neighbour, as I had leg and foot pain. After an x-ray Wendy quickly found what was wrong and started me on a programme of adjustment and exercise. I am now much better and I’m down to monthly visits. Thanks Wendy!” I.P

” I have suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain for over 20 years. I have had a neck brace, tablets and Physiotherapy. Earlier this year my G.P suggested Chiropractic and I am amazed by the improvement. I now have far less pain and more energy! I am pleased to recommend Alicia and Wendy.” S.B

”  I have found it beneficial keeping my spine supple and pain free. I have recommended friends and associates whom I hope have also benefitted. ” H.H

“When I first visited the Practice in June 2007 I was in a great deal of pain in my lower back and left leg. I walked with difficulty and with both a bad limp and with my body stooped over. I had six treatments over a two week period in order that I could go on holiday. Which I did. Continued treatments have meant I am now without any pain and can now walk, run etc. I can only praise the practice most highly for their treatment. I genuinely recommend them to anyone in similar circumstances.” B.R

” Before I came here I was in constant pain and now thanks to Wendy my back is a lot better and I can now attempt things I would never of dreamed of. I am really grateful and everyone here is lovely and very accommodating of me needing to come with a baby.” A.B

” Have tried various treatments to date. This one has given me the most relief for longest period. Would recommend.” B.G

” Have been coming over 3 years now. I find the staff and practitioners extremely friendly and helpful in every respect of any treatment I have.” E.R

” Having spent years trying to solve my back problems it was amazing to get to the bottom of the cause. Within a few weeks of treatment here I felt a different person and have every confidence in the staff and treatment given. Thanks.” K.M

” I have 2 collapsed discs in my back and thought my only option was surgery. After visiting Bury Chiropractic now for several months my pain has been dramatically reduced and the level of service is second to none. I would no problem recommending your service!!” C.M

” The treatment I have received has been superb. All the staff have been excellent. It is a pleasure visiting the practice.” D.O.S

” A welcoming atmosphere. Good professional attitude and skills. Highly recommended!” M.Z

” I have been very happy with the treatment and service I have received. With regular treatment I am able to continue doing all the things I couldn’t otherwise be able to do, and I am pain free.” E.E

” Chiropractic care helps me to manage my hip problems. When I came to Bury Chiropractic I had one leg longer than the other and a lot of back pain because of a severe limp. Now my body is in balance and my limp is much reduced.” G.G

” I was waking every day with what you might describe as a glass back. I found it very hard to get going every day. Since coming to Wendy I awake with no pain and find it much easier to get on.” S.R

” My back has made a gradual improvement over a number of months and I am now able to resume exercise and normal duties without relying on a lot of painkillers. Thank you.” H.Q

” I have had chronic migraine over recent years and as a result have muscular tension throughout my back. I have tried conventional medicines to no avail. Being determined to try and treat the cause of my pain and not just the symptoms I have spent some time trying to get help from Physio, Osteopath as well as trying alternative therapies, all of which have only ever provided temporary relief. My Doctor then referred me to Bury Chiropractic. Straight away I was given a detailed diagnosis by Alicia and therefore had a greater understanding of what I needed to do going forward. I have to thank Alicia for her determination to succeed in relieving the pain I have which has greatly reduced with regular treatments I have. I take comfort that I will turn things around with Alicia’s help. Bury Chiropractic offers a friendly and warm environment. All of its staff offer high levels of professionalism which is a credit to them. Thank you. ” C.M

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