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Posture Testimonials

“Since attending a Chiropractor I find my posture has been corrected and feel generally much healthier.” A.T.
“Before coming for treatment I had severe discomfort in my lower back following an operation. This caused problems with my posture. I am now able to stand taller and walk more freely.” A.H.
“Having been a patient of the practice for a number of years I very much appreciate the standard of care and professionalism. After a significant back issue-no longer troubling me, the maintenance visits have clearly improved my weak posture and function. Many thanks. ” M.W.


” Came to see Wendy barely able to walk, lots of pain. Wonderful atmosphere,warm reception and first class treatment, coupled with very good advice on diet, posture etc. Thoroughly recommend Chiropractic treatment. ” F.S.
“I have a bunion which interferes with my weight bearing and causes back and neck pain. The treatment loosens the knots and improves posture to the extent that at 60 I am still able to ski.” M.R.
“I suffered from pain in my neck and back. After a couple of visits with Wendy I started to notice a difference and was very impressed how she was able to find exactly where my problem areas were, and provide immediate relief with a few twists and clicks. Due to my injuries I have had very long and intense treatment sessions and really feel like a different person. I am no longer in pain, I feel like I walk straighter and taller. I have also learned to listen to my body and this is all because of Wendy guiding and explaining everything to me. Thank you very much.” E.V
” When I first visited Alicia I suffered with lower back pain, and pain in my legs. I couldn’t stand up straight. After a few visits I was much better. I would strongly recommend the practice.” A.T