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Sitting Posture In The Classroom

super-hero-kid-sq-300It is Back-to- School season 2018! And most of us have been busy shopping for school uniforms, school bags, school shoes, etc. However many of us have also been thinking about how to make our kids enjoy learning and get the best out of the classroom.

Studies have shown that good posture has major impact not only in our physical health but also has an effect on memory, mood and confidence. And today we are going to share some information on what is good posture, the benefits on good posture and how we can help our kids to achieve good sitting posture.

So, what is posture?

Posture is how we hold our body when we are standing, sitting and lying down. And a good posture means how we hold our body in a way that puts the least strain on our spine, whatever we are doing.

Why is it important to maintain a good posture?

1. A good posture helps to maximize the function of the muscles to properly support the neck and back, minimizing the force on muscles, joints, discs and ligaments in the body. As a result, a more functional and a stronger skeletal system. Also, studies have shown an upright posture helps support our digestive organs by toning core muscles. This helps the digestive organs as they are in a neutral position and therefore maintain optimum digestion.

2. A good posture helps to maintain normal breathing by maximizing the function of the muscles around the chest, optimizing the ability of the rib cage to expand and makes breathing deep and easy. Resulting in more oxygen enters the body systems. More oxygen means more energy.

3. An upright posture make us more confident and positive in our thoughts, increases our persistence at dealing with challenging tasks, and make us feel more upbeat and passionate with what we do.

How can we achieve an upright sitting posture?

purple-transparent-spine-sq-300As mentioned above, an upright posture has huge impact in our health both mentally and physically. Hence, it is crucial to maintain a good posture. Now we are going to share a few tips on how to maintain an upright posture when sitting:

  • Put your back against the backrest of the chair
  • Keep your shoulder back
  • Arm rest on the table top, elbow below the shoulders and keep your elbows in close to your body
  • Keep your knees at or slightly below the level of your hips
  • Your knees should make a right angle
  • Keep feet flat on the floor. If your feet don’t touch the floor, you can consider using a footrest.

If sitting upright or maintain an upright sitting posture for a long period of time is a challenge because of pain or discomfort, you may want to consult your Chiropractor. Contact our practice to book an appointment today.


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