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Thank You So Much For All Your Very Kind Words

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“Regular treatments have proven to be very effective. Staff show genuine concern
“This is a practice whose staff are friendly, helpful and professional. My treatments are far from over (arthritic spine, hip surgery etc) but I am certain that without it I should be in a far worse state
“I had trouble walking, could walk no more than 100 yards as was in excruciating pain, after one session the pain largely went and now after 8 months I am virtually symptom free. Absolutely fantastic. I intend carrying on to maintain the improvement.” C.R.
“Wendy my saviour-keeps me mobile and flexible- enabling
“I’ve known Alicia for a long time and felt it was only right that I came here for treatment. I’d wake up in a morning struggling sometimes even to move, but with the treatment I have been receiving from Alicia, my pains have eased immensely.” J.S.

“I was in a lot of pain and discomfort when I first started coming here. I now feel so much better and feel the treatment I received was crucial in getting me back to work and normality. The staff are all friendly and helpful and never refuse to fit you in for appointments. I would recommend this practice to all my friends and family.” Y.N.

“Seeing a Chiropractor has changed my life. Previously I was in pain most of the time and my quality of life was restricted. Now I know that
“When I first came to see Wendy I was disheartened with my condition and the conventional treatment I had already received. The treatment is excellent and I am improving with every visit.” J.T.
“Before I came to see Wendy I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk but after a while Wendy has sorted me out. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to anyone.” M.B.
“I first came to the practice with just back pain but Wendy found all the other niggles too-and solved them all! I’ve never felt so healthy! Highly recommended!” F.R.
“Pleased with my treatment and all are helpful and very friendly. Also a nice atmosphere.” S.C.
“When I first started my treatment I could barely walk and was hunched over, after my first course of treatment I was walking again. I have never felt better and my treatment is ongoing and I feel better every single time. It’s just a pity the NHS won’t pay for this treatment.” L.M.