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Thank You So Much For All Your Very Kind Words

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“At my first appointment I felt relaxed and comfortable with the way I was welcomed, and at ease with the surroundings. The team members who welcomed me were very friendly, and my consultation with George was professional and friendly.” K.P.
“Excellent staff, efficient. Helpful. Feel confident that I’m in safe hands. Thank you.” M.D
“I would just like to say how much better I feel for having treatment with Alicia. I have suffered for many years and had pain every day, being fobbed off by various general practitioners giving me medication for soft tissue damage, osteo arthritis and hypermoblie joints has not helped. I’ve had no x-rays from them despite my obvious more»
It was such a relief when I was given x-rays and though obviously you don’t want anything to be seriously wrong it was good to know that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and they did indeed find out what was causing my pain, I could’ve cried. I now for the first time in as long as I can remember have pain free days, I’ve even gone two to three weeks recently without much pain. It’s great to know what is wrong with me and I’ve now learned to know when my back has locked again and I can ring up and get an appointment. I can now go longer before I need treatment and the exercises I’ve been given have helped. I’d like to thank Alicia especially for explaining how everything works and for the ongoing care she gives me. I have and would highly recommend your service to other people.” T.J.
“Looking forward to hearing what treatment that I will need to make me feel better. I am confident that George and your team will help me with a problem that I have had for 30 years. I did think the advice I got was given in a professional manner.”W.W.
“Friendly yet professional, open and honest.” M.G.
“Alicia & Wendy’s expertise, coupled with great kindness, enable me to stay as pain free as possible! Without their help I would certainly be unable to do many of the things I used to take for granted, but which now cause problems. I am deeply grateful for everything they do!” A.S.
“Having had nothing but painkillers it has been fantastic to get some treatment that cures the cause and not just the symptom. I’m now pain free-great!” T.W.
“Friendly organised staff, natural, relaxed appointments with chiropractor Alicia and very professional treatment. Troubles cured and attend irregular visits to keep on top, would truly recommend.” V.C.
“Prior to attending Bury Chiropractic I was constantly in pain. The treatments given by Wendy and Alicia have been wonderful. I am now fully mobile and the pain levels have subsided by 95%. Thanks to everyone.” F.H.
“Regular treatments have proven a real benefit to me. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. Always feel so much better after a visit to Wendy.” K.H.
Wendy’s shown real concern for my problem and thanks to her expert help I now feel on the way to recovery.” S.S.
“Arrived as a cynic, left totally converted. I was persuaded to visit this practice. Several visits have now eliminated the pain and my problems are now effectively managed. In my opinion a great team.” P.S.

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