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Why I Moustache To The Chiropractors!!!

To understand the true potential of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy we must first understand what each discipline does and how each promotes health, coupled with this we must have a basic understanding of how each is intrinsically connected.

The chicken and the egg, which one came first?

why-I-moustache-to-the-chiropractors-01Imagine your nervous system as a messenger service for the body and the muscular system as the engine which supports us driving us forwards. Now imagine these systems as the chicken and the egg, which one came first?? Without the chicken there would be no egg, with no egg there will be no chicken. This thought process works exactly the same way with how the nervous and muscular systems function. One depends on the other just like the chicken and the egg.

So now we have been briefed on the chicken and egg we can get to grips with the all important systems which if functioning correctly increases our health ensuring the body works in harmony!!
These systems are continually working together 24 hours a day 7 days a week seamlessly….

The nuts and the bolts, what exactly are these systems?

why-I-moustache-to-the-chiropractors-02They work so close together it can be quite hard to determine where one finishes and the other one starts. It’s due to this complexity which requires a localised approach to help them on their way to harmony and health.

Within the nervous system we have the brain, the spinal cord and millions of tiny nerves. These nerves supply each and every organ of the body with vital messages. They govern everything from bladder control to headaches and period pains to liver function.

why-I-moustache-to-the-chiropractors-03In order for a specific organ to function for example let’s say a muscle, a message must travel from the brain down the spinal cord to the organ commanding it to function (in this case contract). To protect this important system it surrounds itself with bones which helps to reduce external forces preventing the cord form becoming damaged. These bones or vertebrae are supported by the muscular system.

Our muscular system has a series of spongy like organs composed of fibres similar to electric cables. These are connected to specific anchor points on our skeletal system. Once the muscles contract (become shorter) it pulls on the bones creating movement.

Muscles are very strong to allow for support and therefore ensuring that the bones stay put. It’s this stay put mechanic which ensures the body holds itself correctly when moving, consequently the vertebrae stay where they should.

So how can Massage and Chiropractic help to achieve better health?

why-I-moustache-to-the-chiropractors-04The muscles, the skeleton and the nerves have had the advantage of generations of fine tuning and evolution resulting in two complex systems which we know and love today! Although these are continually altered and changed as pressure pushes against them.

If the pressure is high enough, the vertebrae gets stuck which in turn squeezes the nerve resulting in its relevant organ reducing its function. If held for long enough the muscles hold this position developing a domino effect. This worsens over time causing increased pain and reduced function to its relevant organ. It’s this negative result of gravity and pressure which Chiropractic and Massage therapy can help ease. They work together to readdress the bodies imbalances to increase its function.

In a nutshell Chiropractic repositions the vertebrae and massage therapy holds the vertebrae ensuring they stay put, this in turn promotes health.

Remember our body is the most valuable possession we own. Look after it and it will look after you!

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